A Post for Spina Bifida Awareness Month to Get Me Back on Track

If you’re still following this blog, thanks a ton. I’m proving to be really terrible at regularly posting new stuff, for lots of different reasons. Sorry about that.

One of the aforementioned reasons is, simply put, life in general. Over two months later and I still haven’t struck that ideal balance of getting stuff accomplished in my life and taking care of what I need to for work. Because of that I’ve let myself get behind in blogging. Hopefully that will change shortly.

Another issue is interest. I go from being super pumped about a topic idea to not being sure it’s good enough that anyone would read it. And this continues in a cycle. Right now I’m experiencing the latter but trying to power through.

But perhaps the biggest reason I haven’t put out anything new is I’m not really sure what direction this blog is taking. I want it to move in a more disability issue – related direction. But I have no idea what issues I want to cover. I debate in my head whether I should talk about the issues that affect me and that I’m passionate about or branch out into unfamiliar areas.

Then I question my ability to talk about things that don’t directly affect me which makes me want to stick to my wheelhouse. Then I question whether doing that makes me a bad advocate. And round and round I go until it’s three months later and I haven’t written anything new or contributed in any way to the discussion on disability rights.

Which brings us to now, the (very early) morning of the third World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus day. So I figured I should say something. But I’m not saying anything new. The link will take you to an older but hopefully still interesting and relevant piece I wrote in college.

I’ll be posting again later today or tomorrow morning. Full disclosure, it’s going to be another link to previous work. But I swear I’m not doing this to be lazy. I’m attempting to paint a picture of my growth, as a writer yes, but also as an advocate and a person with a disability. I hope that becomes obvious as you read through these next couple posts. If it’s not, then maybe I have more growing to do than I thought.


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