Bif Notes No. 3 Independence

Independence is such a complicated and nuanced thing for disabled people. Often disabled people are, for various reasons, not able to be as independent as they want to be. Whether this is due to health issues that complicate being able to do things on their own, or societal barriers that force them to ask for assistance, so often disabled people are not able to achieve the same level of self sufficiency as their non disabled peers in their day to day lives. But this does not mean that disabled people should have to completely relinquish their independence.
Sometimes a person’s definition of independence has to change. Maybe they cannot drive, but with the assistance of para-transit or other public transportation that person may be able to attend school or work a job. In that way they are still able to achieve a higher level of independence.
Perhaps a person has trouble with self care tasks and needs assistance to complete them. But once they are ready for the day, that person might be able to do other things around their home or complete other tasks. Regardless of the limits a person might have to their independence, there are always ways for that person to achieve their goal and be as independent as they want to be.


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