Bif Notes No. 6 Representin’

In case it’s not obvious, which apparently it’s not, allow me to be as transparently clear as possible when saying this. Characters representing any minority in media need to be played by actors of the same minority, plain and simple. End of story, bye bye, see ya later.

For actors to think that it is completely acceptable for them to play minority characters when they are not a member of that minority group is absurd. For casting directors and producers to continuously overlook and bypass minority actors is insulting.

What’s more, the lack of representation this creates only serves to further prove to minority groups that they don’t matter enough to warrant accurate representation. It also sends the message to minority actors that they’re not welcome in media, that there aren’t roles for them to play. This is something that needs to be addressed and changed immediately.

Obviously, my lens being disability, I am more cognizant of instances of misrepresentation involving disability. That being said I am also much more aware of and thus vehemently opposed to actors “cripping up” for a role. Nonetheless, instances of misrepresentation involving any minority group should be often and loudly argued against.

Minority actors need to be cast for minority characters, and also for characters that are not written to be a minority. This is the only way minority groups will gain adequate and accurate representation in media.


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