Bif Notes No. 8 Get Loud If You Have To

Self advocacy is a skill that cannot be over utilized when it comes to the disability community. It is vital that a person learn how to advocate for their needs to others, whether they are medical professionals, family members or strangers they are asking for assistance. Building the skills needed to make sure needs are met is imperative. It is also important that building these skills happens as early as possible.

For someone born with their disability this means starting young and learning what needs are related to their disability and how to explain those needs to others. It is also important that a child understand and be able to communicate the basic aspects of their disability to better explain their needs if necessary. This is not a must necessarily, but it can definitely benefit a child to be informed about their disability. The same goes for someone who acquires a disability later in life. They are going to continue to have needs that need to be met and should be able to advocate for those needs.

A disability does not automatically mean the end of living as part of the outside world. But the world is so very far behind in regards to accessibility. For that reason it is crucial that disabled people und their needs and know their rights in advocating for those needs.


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