Bif Notes No. 12 When Existing Is A Political Protest

This blog title feels overdramatic. It probably is. But it’s also very much not at all dramatic to say that living with a disability means that your very existence is politicized. The reason for this being that the fight for disability rights encompasses every single aspect of our lives.

We continually fight for access. We continually fight for our right to education and accessible housing. We fight for medical treatment and diagnoses. We fight against ableism and discrimination. Sometimes we’re fighting just to keep our head above water. It’s continuous.

So when society and specifically the government arbitrarily makes decisions that make existence harder for people with disabilities it feels deeply personal, because it is. It becomes one more fight we have to have against a world that is not for us and doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind us of that.

When that happens what can we do? We do the same thing we do every day and night of our lives. We rest. We regroup. We surround ourselves with our community and we fight.


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