Bif Notes No. 13 Let My People Be

I have a dream, well it’s more an intense desire really. I say desire because I dream a lot of strange things that I hope never come true. But I want this. I actually need this to happen.

I desire for disabled people to be seen as completely and utterly equal to non disabled people in society. I desire the same access to education, work and marriage. I desire access to public transportation, shops and restaurants, government buildings and for the love of God public restrooms.

I desire the same opportunities as my non disabled peers. I desire the ability to live my life in the same, way with the same freedoms, as non disabled people. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. That does not mean that I wish I could live without my disability. I don’t want that at all in fact, because I don’t think of my disability as something that’s wrong with me. I just want what a lot of other disabled people want, I want to be able to live and just be.


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