Bif Notes No. 14 In It For the Parking

These are the days that I have so much love for my community. This community that I draw so much strength and resilience from. This community that supports and builds you up. This community that brainstorms with you and builds with you, fights for you and cries with you. I love my community.

This is why I always find it so funny when I encounter non disabled people who labor under the false assumption that what I get out of being disabled is all of society’s perceived perks. The comments about how easy it must be living life as a wheelchair user, those people who are so assured that I must be lazy and am only using my chair because it’s easier for me than walking. Though I suppose technically they are right. My absolute favorite are the individuals who claim disabled people are all “in it for the parking”.

Regardless I can’t help but be amused. Because as certain as they are in their convictions, they are so far beyond understanding. Having a disability, being part of the disability community, does come with some major perks. But they’re perks like belonging, understanding, strength, determination, love and the power of community. So no, it’s not about the parking. But it’s definitely about finding your space.


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