Where I’ve Been~ Where I Am~ Where I Hope I’m Going

Greetings All! Apologies for the extended absence, but as they say, life happened…and then it kept happening. One minute it was June and now it’s the end of November. I hope this post will serve to satisfy your curiosity  about what I’ve been up to.

Though I haven’t been as active here as I’d intended, I have been doing quite a bit of writing, all disability related and almost exclusively Spina Bifda related. Those pieces can be found on Rooted In Rights  website, Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky blog and Spina Bifida Association Facebook page. I encourage you to go visit my work in its various homes.

Now that I’ve finished with those commitments and solidified some new connections, I find myself in a good position to take stock of what I’ve accomplished this year and get a better idea where I want to take this site and future writing projects. Since roughly April I’ve written almost twelve thousand words, a handful of which I was even paid for. I’ve written semi consistently for this blog, as well as had pieces published with several organizations and as I mentioned, made new connections I hope will lead to future paid projects. I am also now actively seeking paid opportunities to write about disability in varying aspects and have begun planning several future projects.

This last year or so has shown me that it is possible to write about things that I am passionate about, find an audience, and even be paid for that writing. I would very much like to continue doing that. I also know now that I have improvements and headway to make in my writing. I often struggle to find the language necessary to tell my own story, let alone talk about broader issues of the disabled community. But there are stories I want to tell, so I’ll work on finding that language.

I also intend to work on my over all consistency, both here through updates and future Bif Notes and, in general with submissions to other publications. I have an ever growing list of publications with open submissions; that alone is exciting. I’m hopeful for my future writing and I think I’m going to be able to get somewhere with it some day. Whether that somewhere is a book tour/speaker circuit, a better understanding of myself and my place in the disability community or both remains to be seen. But whatever happens I’m excited to push forward.


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