You Probably Think This Post Is About You (That’s OK)

As most people who know me already know most of the topics I write about are things that either affect me in some way or that I have strong feelings about. Sometimes those topics are influenced by interactions I have with other people. Sometimes those other people are the ones reading what I’m writing.

If this happens to you, and it could happen, don’t worry. Even if the piece I wrote wasn’t exceedingly positive, or sounded angry, odds are it was more about the situation than my feelings toward you. I probably wrote the piece in question as a way to better organize and understand my position. I may have seen it as the best way to express my feelings on a subject that’s important to me. Or maybe I simply felt like other people could benefit from me sharing my opinions.

Regardless of my feelings when writing a piece, I never set out to call out someone I know personally. It’s not my goal to use my writing as a way to make people feel bad. I generally write to make myself feel better, making someone else feel worse runs a little counter to that.

However as I said sometimes the things I write about spring from conversations or events I’m involved in. So it’s possible people who know me might realize I’m talking about them or something they said in a post. In the event that that happens you’re more than welcome to talk to me about it. I’m thrilled when my writing can help clarify something for someone or teach them something new.

As far as sharing my writing goes, education and advocacy are the ultimate goals. I want to connect with people. I want people to take something positive from my work. Sometimes in order for that to happen further conversation needs to take place. I’m all too happy for that to happen.

So if you’re ever reading something of mine and suddenly find yourself thinking, “Hey I think this post is about me”, that’s ok. More than anything it means you were part of a conversation or interaction I felt needed further thought or possibly that other people would benefit from. Feel free to come talk to me about it if you’re worried, or if you want a direct shout out next time.


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