I’m here because it’s 2018 and we’re still protesting this shit

Note: This is my statement from the Women’s Disability March in 2018. It wasn’t originally in my list for scheduled posts, but I thought rather than delete it as I’m cleaning up my draft list, I’d share it with you.

Title pretty much says it all. My being a part of the Disability March is an act of aggravation in place of agression. My name is Sydney Chasteen; I’m a 27 year old, a college graduate and a happily married woman. I also have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and use a wheelchair full time.

That last part means that for my entire life I have relied on the help and support of loved ones, which I’ve had in unwavering spades. I have also had to rely on the medical community and the government, the last much more so in my adult life. Unfortunately getting and keeping the government support I require is in itself a full time job. Our assets are monitored, my husband’s wages get reported monthly, all so I remain eligible for SSI and medicaid. And even then, it’s possible that one day my husband and I will have to separate in order for me to keep these “benefits”.

So I’m here, as a part of the movement. Because it’s ridiculous to me that anyone, woman, disabled person, disabled woman, should have to protest for equal rights and recognition by their own government. But here we are I guess.


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