Everything Doesn’t Need To Be A Blog Post

Hello dear ones. I’ve missed you, yes even those of you I’ve never met. I’ve missed this connection, this feeling of reaching people with my writing. And if you’re new to my blog, welcome! I’m the Bif in question. I hope you enjoy what you read here and are able to take something away with you.

As I said I’ve missed this. It’s been weeks since I posted and a few months since I’ve honestly wanted to write. I’m behind on reading as well. Fellow bloggers I see you and I will catch up with your work, I promise. There are some personal reasons for my absence, but I’ll get into those in other posts. For now, I just want to talk about the act of writing itself.

So much of my time is spent drafting new content in my head, or rolling new ideas around. A problem I run into a lot is deciding whether an idea I have is actually worth turning into a blog post. Sometimes as soon as I start workshpopping an idea I’ll realize there’s not enough there to work with. This can sometimes lead to me combining ideas together to make a more cohesive piece, other times it’s more of a struggle. But a lesson I’m actively trying to put into practice is everything doesn’t need to be a blog post.

This is something I really struggle with for several reasons. One is the drive to make as much content as possible. I have readers who enjoy reading my work and so naturally I want to give them as much quality content as possible. Quality is my next issue. I’m only capable of creating a certain amount of quality content each month. Judging by my analytics that amount is about one less than gets read consistently every month.

This tells me I’m hitting the mark on almost every post but one that I put out in a month. So why is that? Frankly I don’t have an answer for that. Maybe it’s my writing schedule making it so one post is rushed, or not as polished, or maybe just not interesting. I don’t know.

I do know my posting schedule is an issue. I almost consistently publish all of a month’s posts inside the last week or several days of the month. Hint, hint I’m doing it again for this month. I don’t mean to, but for whatever reason that’s how things shake out.

One result of this is I stay behind on topics currently affecting my community. This is the main reason I don’t do current events style posts very often. I regularly miss the window for talking about a subject because by the time I’m ready it’s no longer relevant or I’m just parroting someone else.

I don’t know the reason for saying all of this honestly. Except maybe to say I know my readers deserve better. I deserve better. I hope in the coming year I’m able to hold myself to a slightly higher standard. Regardless, I’m so incredibly grateful to have you all along for the journey.


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