The Lowest Bar

After four years, the Trump administration ended. This last year alone saw our country dealing with the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives to COVID-19 as the number of cases continues to rise. On top of that increase in violence against African Americans resulted in nationwide protests which were met with more violence. This is what the Biden administration is inheriting. These are the problems President Biden and Vice President Harris must work to rectify.

Regardless of your political stance, whether you are in support of Biden’s politics or not, this country is clearly in need of massive change. And after the last administration, the bar seems set pretty low. Even if Biden’s only accomplishment in the near future is stemming the spread of COVID-19, it will be a huge victory.

That being said I do expect more. I expect attemps at unity and growth for our country. I expect individuals to be made more financially secure and stable. I expect equal rights for marginalization communities to become a priority and a reality.

Maybe I expect too much. All these are only hopes at this point anyway. But for the first time in a while I feel like I have room to hope. I have room to breathe. I have room to just be, if only for right now.

Saying that brings me back to my original thought, because just being is also the lowest bar. But it’s enough. It is ok to just be. It’s a start. I can work with this (low bars are easier to wheelie over if approached correctly).

So I’ll continue to be; I’ll continue to hope. As my country gets back up on it’s feet to finally move forward. When the time comes, and it will, I’ll fight again. I’ll apply pressure in the direction I think things should go. But unlike the last few years I don’t expect to be met with as much resistance.


2 thoughts on “The Lowest Bar

  1. Just being is definitely enough. And in time, being turns into moving, and moving turns into fighting, and fighting turns into hoping and dreaming for big things. When each of us is ready, I believe we have to hope BIG. I have always felt if we don’t expect great things, then we will get very little. It’s time for optimism and great expectations, but each in its own time.


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