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“It is not the strength of the body that counts but the strength of the spirit”- J.R.R. Tolkien*

Intro to Me-

Hi I’m Syd

I’m a currently jobless disabled person (Spina Bifida; Hydrocephalus; Executive Dysfunction) possessed of a manual wheelchair, quick wit and all too reactionary personality. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are mine unless otherwise sourced.

Intro to the Blog-

I probably know more than I think but not as much as I act like I know. On this blog you’ll find lots of apparently controversial ideas like disabled people deserve respect and civil rights. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the world, issues facing the disability community and my life as a person with a disability. Don’t expect a regular posting schedule, I’m neuro divergent not a superhero.


*Maybe, apparently whether Tolkien said it is debated.

Relevant links located @ linktr.ee/SydChasteen


4 thoughts on “About A Bif

  1. You mentioned your “reactionary personality”. Are you sure you don’t mean “reactive personality”?
    The definition for “reactionary” is:
    (of a person or a set of views) opposing political or social liberalization or reform.
    “reactionary attitudes toward women’s rights”


      1. You appear to be right. However, “reactive personality” has about 8,010 google search results whereas “reactionary personality” only has about 4,300 (and is associated with political views opposed to your own).


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